Do Not Underestimate The Size Of Your Estate When Making An Estate Plan

Making an estate plan is an important step in taking control of your financial life, but you must have an accurate and complete picture of your overall net worth and potential for growth of your net worth in the future.

The Dangers Of Estate Plan Of Jointly Titling Bank Accounts With A Child

When one is coming up with an estate plan there is a common practice that some people engage in. That practice is putting their name on a bank account with their child or what is also known as having the bank account titled jointly

Estate Planning When One Child Is More Successful

Some families are blessed with a child that is extremely successful in terms of wealth. This article discusses how to perform proper estate planning when you want take this factor into account along with your other children.

Brain Injury Symptoms and Prudent Steps to Take

After having an accident involving head trauma, you need to be aware of brain injury symptoms since long term disability and permanent brain damage can occur. You’ll want to take some prudent steps to help minimize your post-accident head trauma. You’ll also want to protect your legal rights to ensure that your medical bills can be paid and your family can be taken care of properly in the event you become incapacitated.

Auto Defects Product Liability Claims and Class Actions

In 2010, hundreds of lawsuits were filed against Toyota as a result of auto defects in the design and manufacture of the acceleration system of specific vehicle models. Products liability law governs these auto defects and is also partially responsible for both the compensation of injured parties as well as leading to the improvement in the design and manufacture of automobiles. Understanding the relationship of manufacturers, consumers and attorneys can provide a better insight into how these cases make their way from individual incidents into the court system.

Don’t Create Bank Accounts Held in Joint Title With A Child

On the surface, creating a bank account account held together with your child as one unit – in “joint title” – seems like a great idea. When you’re estate planning, this is not a good practice and you don’t want to create a bank account held in joint title with your children. This article will explain why and recommend a better method of estate planning.

Planning A Funeral As Part Of Your Estate Plan

Planning for your funeral is an important aspect of having a complete estate plan. One of the goals for any estate plan should be to make everything as easy as possible for your loved ones once you pass on. During the period immediately following your death can be a difficult time for those you leave […]

Who Should Be Personal Representative Or Executor if You Have None?

Who do you name if you have no friends or family members or none that you consider trustworthy? This article helps you answer that difficult question regarding wills and probate.

Why You Should Not Put Property In Your Child’s Name

A good portion of parents with children eventually want to pass on the property they own to their children. Some might think that it is a good idea to put their real estate, home, property, or land in the name of their children while they are still alive

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer – Don’t Do It Yourself

People who suffer serious physical injuries and property damages in an auto accident or a workplace incident realize the reality soon after. It’s very difficult to reconstruct your life as you recover from both the accident and its many consequences. Any settlement or award from a lawsuit should include compensation that would attempt to put […]